Women in Golf: Female-Friendly Courses and Events in South Carolina


When talking about Golf in the United States, it’s impossible not to mention South Carolina; particularly, the famed Myrtle Beach region, known over the decades as a paradise for golf lovers. For women interested in golf, whether seasoned professionals or enthusiastic beginners, there has never been a better time to dive into the greens of Myrtle Beach and South Carolina at large. This article focuses on exceptional female-friendly courses and exciting golf events for women in this green-lush region.

Top Female-Friendly Courses in Myrtle Beach and South Carolina

First up, with its breathtaking scenery and well-maintained greens, River’s Edge Golf Club in Shallotte is a perfect course for ladies looking for both a challenge and a leisurely round of golf. Designed by golf legend Arnold Palmer, the course’s extraordinary clubhouse staff extends a warm welcome that invites all players, especially women, to experience golf at its best.

Prestwick Country Club, with its unparalleled features, has an inviting atmosphere for women golfers. The course, a masterpiece crafted by Pete and P.B. Dye, incorporates natural elements like water bodies and diverse vegetation, which only enhances its overall appeal. The club also regularly organizes events and tournaments designed explicitly for female competitors.

Wild Wing Plantation invites women to enjoy their marvelous Avocet and Hummingbird courses. Noted for their undulating fairways, thoughtful hole placement, and the utmost respect for the natural landscape, these courses offer an alluring challenge that women golfers greatly appreciate.

Women’s Golf Associations and Events in South Carolina

When it comes to playing golf, enjoying the game along with the camaraderie of fellow players makes the experience more meaningful. In South Carolina, you will find several women’s golf associations actively conducting different events and tournaments throughout the year.

The South Carolina Women’s Golf Association (SCWGA), for example, hosts many golf events, from the One-Day Tournaments in various districts to the SCWGA Championship, which brings together some of the best female golfers in the state. This is a great platform for golfers at any level to learn, grow, compete, and network.

Those who wish to test their chops against other amateur golfers ought to consider the Women’s South Carolina Golf Association (WSCGA). Every year, the WSCGA hosts their Amateur Championship and Senior Championship, among other events, giving keen golfers an opportunity to compete in a vigorous but friendly tournament environment.


All in all, South Carolina, especially the Myrtle Beach area, is a haven for women in golf. The presence of exquisite courses, along with dedicated golf associations and events, makes it an exceptional location for women golfers. Whether you are a seasoned golfer looking for a competitive pace or a beginner trying to learn the nuances of the sport, there has never been a better time in the evolution of golf to head towards South Carolina and make your mark on these historic fairways. The future of golf is not only green – it’s female, and Myrtle Beach is ready to welcome you with open arms.

5 thoughts on “Women in Golf: Female-Friendly Courses and Events in South Carolina”

  1. Great article! My wife and I are always on the lookout for golfing destinations and South Carolina is officially on our list. The Dye course at Prestwick sounds particularly interesting. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Pete Dye also known for designing the TPC Sawgrass course?

    1. You’re right on target, John! Pete Dye designed TPC Sawgrass among many others. That’s why Prestwick is certainly a treat for any golf enthusiast!

  2. As a female golfer who just recently got into the sport, it’s really heartening to see so many locations welcoming and encouraging women in the field. I’ve bookmarked these courses in my list. River’s Edge Golf Club, here I come!

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