The Most Picturesque Holes in South Carolina Golf Courses

A Love Affair with Golf at Myrtle Beach

Anyone who’s picked up a golf club will know the allure of an unblemished tee, the feel of lush grass underfoot, the pit-of-the-stomach thrill as the ball sails towards the most picturesque holes. And where better to experience this than in the golf hotspot of South Carolina – Myrtle Beach? Let me transport you through a textual tour of some of the most scenic and intriguing holes this side of the Atlantic.

The 13th at Tidewater

Tidewater Golf Club is known for featuring some of the most captivating views that Myrtle Beach has to offer. Still, the par three 13th unquestionably steals the show. Backdropped by the captivating Cherry Grove and home to an elevated green that sits invitingly over the marshland, the 13th is a testament to nature’s mark on the sport.

Calibogue Cay at Harbour Town

Down at Hilton Head Island and part of the Sea Pines Resort, the Harbour Town Golf Links are a wonder. The 18th hole, Calibogue Cay, is magnificent: vast salt marshes, the historic lighthouse, and the Calibogue Sound itself providing the backdrop. Risk and rewards are often found here, as golfers decide whether to directly cut the corner of the dogleg left, a move risking an encounter with the marsh, or carry the ball diagonally to the narrow landing area.

Dunes Golf and Beach Club 13th Hole

Also known as Waterloo, the 13th at Dunes Golf and Beach Club is a Par-5 hole that offers a sweeping dogleg right around Lake Singleton. As a 590-yard hole, its majesty lies in its panoramic view of the lake. Given the proper wind conditions, daring players can attempt to cut across the lake, a move that can result in birdie chances or catastrophic scores.

Caledonia’s 18th hole

Located in Pawleys Island, the 18th hole at Caledonia Golf and Fish Club is a stunning spectacle. A par 4 that requires a precise tee shot to stay clear of water hazards, golfers finish on a green tucked into an enchanting flower bed. This hole is a fitting end to a round on a course full of natural beauty and Southern charm.

True Blue’s 18th Hole

Built on a former Indigo and rice plantation, True Blue’s 18th hole features the full lineup of challenges golfers look for. With water bordering both sides of the fairway along the play, players will need to muster every remaining ounce of focus and precision to conquer this 437-yard par 4 hole. The reward? A welcoming clubhouse and the satisfaction of having navigated one of Myrtle Beach’s toughest tests.

While golfing’s real joy lies in the game and camaraderie, the stunning environments where we get to play no doubt enhance the experience. Myrtle Beach in South Carolina is one such location. Whether it’s the historic charm of Harbour Town Golf Links, the dynamic layout of Dunes Golf and Beach Club, or the architectural brilliance of Caledonia’s finishing hole, these picturesque offerings make the game not just one of skill and sportsmanship but of aesthetic experience, too.

These holes are just a taste of what you can find in Myrtle Beach. Each golf course in the area holds unique features, breathtaking landscapes and unforgettable challenges. So regardless of your skill level, grab your favorite club and come tee off in paradise.

Golf here is more than just a game, it’s a way of life, and you’re always welcome to join us.

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